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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in…everything! My site was broken and I had to revert back to an older backup, so most of my recent stuff was deleted… But I will be updating later today! And I’ll be putting up the latest iZombie images! Thanks!

Nessy the Ness Ness

I finished Nessy! WOO! This guy was to test out my ability to do tighter and smaller crochet. I think it was a success! It takes much longer, but really worth seeing all the stitches. This was gifted to my friend Becca!



I’ve been teaching myself crochet (as you can see in my gift post) and so I wanted to post the ones I have been doing recently. While doing these, I’m teaching myself different stitches, how to follow patterns, written patters, etc. I’m just going to post all my crochet I’ve done up to this point.

The Avengers!

Yeah okay Spider-man isn’t part of the Avengers really, but he was for a short period of time and was asking many times to join in the comics. SO IT COUNTS!

(These are also available on apparel and accessories here!)

Game of Thrones

It’s been a while since I’ve done these but it’s a simple concept: characters as their house animals. I usually get on a kick like this and then get bored with it and leave it, so I don’t know if I actually will continue making them, or just like the idea of continuing.

Crafty gifts!

This whole post is a collection of all the craft gifts I’ve made for people in the past few years. WHEW!